We offer all repairs from the popular Automation products like:


product range 6ES5…6GK1 

  • Simatic S5
    S5-010/030/110/130/150 S5-090/095/100/115/135/155

product range 6ES7…,6GK7

  • Simatic S7


product range 6ES5…., 6AV3…,6AV6… 6AV9…

  • Simatic OP / TP / MP / mobile Panels
  • Simatic Monitor Panels MP12, MP14, MP20, MP30 , MP40, WS400


product range 6ES7…., 6AP1…,6AV1… 6AG7… 6AV7

  • Simatic Panel PC 670, PC870, IL70, FI10, FI20, FI25
  • Simatic Box PC620,
  • Simatic Rack PC820, IL40, RI45, RI30, RI20, PC32
  • Simatic Slot PC CP580, CP581, VP


product range 6ES5…., 6ES7…,6EA1…

  • Simatic PG631, 675, PG685
  • Simatic PG710, PG720, PG730, PG740
  • Simatic Field PG , Power PG


product range (6SN…, 6SC…, 6RB…, 6SE…, 6RA…)

  • Simodrive 610, 611 A-D
  • Simoreg 6RA, 6RB
  • Sinamics
  • Mikromaster / Midimaster
  • Simovert Masterdrives
  • Motore 1FT, 1 FK, 1PH, 1HU, 1LA


  • Sinumerik 8/3 …
  • Sinumerik 810/820, 880
  • Sinumerik 805
  • Sinumerik 840C
  • Sinumerik 840D
  • Sinumerik 802, 808, 828, 840D sl …

The recipe for success of every company is a faultless working machine without downtime. More and more automation products are phased out more rapidly, so it’s not possible to get them on a fast and easy way. So it’s our aim to grant an optimum of production-output with our spare parts and services. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Your Specialist for Siemens mature products! SUSTAINED RESISTAND INNOVATIV

You can always get support for all standard Siemens automation and process control systems like:

  • Simatic S5, S5 Softwareproducts like Graph5, COM ET100, COM ET200, COM Profibus uvm.
  • Simatic S5 HMI, COM Text, Com Graph, Bubble Memory, CP526,CP527, CP528, WF470, OP30, Gracis WF480
  • Simatic WF-Serie, WF705, WF706, WF707, WF715, WF721, WF723, WF725, WF726…
  • Simatic PG´s – PG630, PG631, PG675, PG685, PG720, PG740, PG750, PG770,Field PG M -M2 -M3 -M4 -M5
  • DCS Systems like Gracis FlexOs, Coros LS-A, Coros LS-B, Coros LS-C,DIMOS, Teleperm, Braumat, Nahmat
  • Closed loop Controlsystems Simadyn C, Simadyn D, Simatic TDC
  • Simatic S7, S7 Softwareproducts like S7-Graph, SCL
  • Simatic S7 FM Technology, FM350 FM351 FM352 FM353 FM354 FM357 FM450 FM451 FM452 FM453
  • Simatic S7 HMI, ProTool , WinCC Flexible, WinCC TIA
  • Latest DCS Systems like Braumat , PCS7
  • Sinumerik 3 ( Index S3 , C200, GU800, Weiler ), 8, 810/820,850, 880, 840C und 840D pl / sl
  • Micromaster, Simodrive 210, 650 / 660 / 610 / 611 , Masterdrive, Simovert, Sinamics
  • Simoreg K / DC Master 6RA21,6RA22, 6RA26, 6RA27, 6RA24, 6RA70, 6RA80 , 6RB2, Modul Pac

Our extensive test facilities enable us to rebuild your own individual systems for all tests and simulations to recognize any faults and malfunctions.