Rod type Switch-Disconnectors Type C3 12 & 24KV, 400 & 630A

Production of load-break switches type C3. Development/production/sale of vacuum CB’s. The switch-disconnectors of type C3 combine the functions of an isolator and a switch in one unit. Conforming to DIN VDE- Regulation 0670, Part 3 and IEC-Publication 265. Suitable for switching transformers, capacitors, cables, overhead lines, feeder lines and ring circuits on load and under no-load conditions. In the open position, the switches feature a visible break of enhanced dielectric strength. The rod-type construction offers the additional advantage of small depth dimensions resulting in very compactly designed panels.

  • High breaking and making capacity, providing ample reserves.
  • Heavy duty construction with a long working life.
  • Compact space saving design thanks to vertical or horizontal installation.
  • Ancillary equipment in modular form comprises of:
  • Tripping device, Earthing switch with snap action and interlock, Fuse bases.
  • Practically maintenance-free.