Reliable and sustainable Low Voltage switchboard for power distribution and motor control.

Maximum safety for personnel and equipment with reliability of your electrical installations and sustainability of your investments.

  • Switchgear system arc-tested in accordance with DIN EN 61439
  • Isolation of individual function compartments
  • Modular cabinet system
  • Replacement and refitting possible while running
  • Highest personnel protection through internal arc protection zones
  • Manufacturer-independent fitting
  • Smart switchgear via common bus systems
  • Single and dual front arrangement possible
  • Multiple busbars in one cubicle possible
  • Handy cable connection compartment (400 mm / 600 mm)
  • Simple, secure locking system
HIGHLIGHTS Double Transfer System for safe isolation of the withdrawable unit
  • Highly functional withdrawable unit technology
  • Safe isolation of the power circuits (back) and control circuits (right) via a mechanical contact process using the operating handle (front)
  • Can only be operated when the door is shut, for safety reasons
  • High operational safety via operator guidance and locks
  • Simultaneous isolation of the power circuits, input and output side
  • Provision of operational, test and isolation setting
  • No connected cable movement (prevents splaying)
  • Internal arc-protected zone in combination with ARC-SAFE distribution busbar
ARC SAFE distribution busbar
  • Complete, automatic cover of the live phases by the automatic shutter
  • Highest internal arc safety via complete enclosure and isolation of the phases from one another
  • Internal arc-protected zone in combination with DTS contact system
  • Enables modification of the system when live
  • IP4X operator protection when door is open
  • Also available in fuse block
Features Value
Design tested Low Voltage IEC 61439
Power Switchgear DIN EN 61439
Arcing current Iparc 65kA
Rated operating voltage (Ue) Up to 690V
Rated current Up to 6.300A
Rated peak withstand current (Ipk) Up to 220kA
Rated short time withstand current (Icw), 1s Up to 100kA
Incoming supply, coupler or outgoing feeder (ACB) Up to 6.300A
Incoming supply, coupler or outgoing feeder (MCCB) Up to  1.600A
Outgoing feeder (drawer) Up to 630A
Motor starter, drawer Up to 315kW
Internal separation Form 2b up to Form 4b Up to Form 4b type 7
Degree of protection IP30…IP54