COMECA GROUP Retrofitting Original Manufacturer

Retrofit for air circuit breaker

Replacement of obsolete circuit breakers brand :  UNELEC/GENERAL ELECTRIC, MERLIN GERIN, ABB inside of all ranges of COMECA or Alstom or AREVA switchboards:

Operation planned:

  • Replacement of circuit breaker inside the same cubicle,
  • Directly connected on the main busbar,
    • System with double stab,
    • Copper connection between existing blocks and fixed part of the circuit breaker
      • Limited to the CB type UNELEC S type.
  • Replacement of complete existing cubicle by a new one,
  • These operations are under our manufacturer guarantee.​

Our Expertise

  • Compete inventory of the facility (checking, audit…),
  • Study and understanding of the existing installation Conduction a feasibility study,
  • Risks analysis,
  • Our Expertise
  • Optimization of the shutdown of the installation, Cost & effective solutions,
  • Check list of resources needed, Quotation

Our services


  • Electrical drawings,
  • Mechanical and electrical compatibility
  • Check list of operations.

Modifications on site:

  • Components assembly in our workshop
  • Current status of the equipment before works Implementation of safety information
  • Disassembly of existing parts
  • Installation of new components
  • Tests & commissioning
  • Site Acceptance Test
  • Intervention report
  • As built drawings after SAT

Normabloc retrofit

Normabloc switchboard
Sérial N660 rear access
Sérial N680 front access

RETROFIT air circuit breaker

Replacement of obsolete circuit breaker brand :  UNELEC/GENERAL ELECTRIC, MERLIN GERIN, ABB :

3 solutions

Directly connected to the busbar.
Double stab system.
Copper connection between existing blocks and fix part of the circuit breaker.

Normabloc & Galaxis mobile parts retrofit

Mobile parts for Normabloc & Galaxis Retrofit

Replacement & adaptation of the drawers (functional unit)

The mobile part includes:

  • Circuit breaker
  • Contactors
  • Switch rotator
  • Fuses carrier
  • Replacement with Gemstart 5 (motor protection relay)
  • Auxilaries & lamps

GemStart5-R – your GemStart upgrade solution

Thanks to its know-how of Original Manufacturer, COMECA GROUP has therefore developed a Retrofit solution called GemStart5-R, which consists of the replacement of all older versions of GemStart protection relays with modern and updated GemStart5.


GemStart 5 is the only product available for new Motor Control Center.

Our GemStart5-R retrofit solution for older versions, giving the operator a common product for all legacy GemStart equipped Motor Control Center.

Gemstart 5 can co-exist on the same network as older versions of Gemstart, thus enabling the end user to perform upgrades to suit plant outages without the need to change out the entire Gemstart network.


  • GemStart5 solution fully compatible with your existing communication architecture
  • Applicable for drawer sizes and schematics
  • Extended switchgear life cycle
  • Substantial savings in time and resources with fast and structured replacement process
  • Financial and labor savings with a replacement relay that fits neatly into an existing panel
  • Use of same relay types enable ease of maintenance
  • Function equivalent relays
  • Multi lined LCD display with more information
  • Compatible communications and control interface