Traffic engineering

Redesign modules are available, which can be applied instead of unavailable original equipment. These modules are fully compatible regarding pins and functionality.

You will find here just an excerpt from our delivery programme. Please ask for you concrete demands. Generally every unavailable module can be redesigned in the way that the original module can be replaced “plug and play” by the redesign.

In particular utility companies, the chemical industry  use our special know-how in “redesign and re-engineering” to replace original assemblies that are no longer available from the original equipment manufacturers (OEM), in a variety of process controls.

The redesigned assemblies can be operated in the existing original system as plug-and-play in substitution of original assemblies and even in combination with them. Thus, they overcome supply bottlenecks with the sustained, long-term, operation of high-quality investment goods.

For our redesigned assemblies, we  offer a 10-year following delivery.
All redesigned assemblies will be delivered with an individual test protocol and complete documentation and will meet the highest quality standards.


The original trigger modules for each 3 IGBT’s in converters by Siemens are replaceable by a fully plug and play compatible redesign.
The originally built-in ceramic hybrid circuit has been newly developed by a double-sided fitted redesign in SMD-technology.
Even this original hybrid circuit A5E-02035497 is replaceable by this redesign, in exchange for the original module, fully pin- and function-compatible.

VEW E44010-A5700 L02C RED

Requirements have been made tougher for electrical and electronic equipment in public transit vehicles in terms of life, reliability, freedom from faults, long-term operations and availability.

This power supply as a redesign of the original Siemens module meets or exceeds the fundamental standards (EN 60950, Ul60950).

VEW B54794 RED

Two international standards are used to regulate the compliance of electrical and electronic equipment in railway applications:
The IEC571, EN50155, (UK) RIA12
RIA 12 (UK) requires overvoltage protection exceeding those of the requirements in the European standards.
The present power supply meets or exceeds all the basic standards.

Front plates and grip straps for Siemens modules

The plastic front plates for original Siemens modules as well as original grips tend to break after years in operation due to brittleness in the plastic.

VEW PMC20-24IFZ RED Door control

The door controls VEW PMC20-24IFZ RED are a ,,plug and play” compatible redesign of the original modules of manufacturer IFE.


The analog angle of rotation sensor 6KA9251 by manufacturer Siemens can be plug-and-play replaced, by an electrically and mechanically compatible new development.
The angles of rotation function is analog. The linear actual value sensor translates the angularity of the 6mm control shaft into a 10V-output signal (max. 12V) with impressed direct current of 0…20mA (optional 4…20mA).

Load resistor <=500Ω (max. 600Ω)